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Floating Production

Moss Maritime builds on more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering floating production facilities for the oil and gas industry. This experience provides a solid foundation for the creativity to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for today’s oil and gas industry. Moss is continuously investing in R&D to improve our production platform solutions. Successful milestones include the hull of the first FPU in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and the world’s first deep-draft dry tree semi-submersible floating production platform.

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Moss Octabuoy™

Dry-tree Semi-submersible

The OctabuoyTM is the ultimate semi-submersible suitable for dry tree applications even in the harshest environmental conditions. It can also accommodate complete drilling facilities. Based on proven principles and technology developed over three decades of experience, this deep-draft floater is designed specifically for dry wellheads and steel catenary risers. The key features of the OctabuoyTM are:

  • Superior alternative to SPARs and TLPs
  • Superb motion characteristics
  • Flexibility in riser configurations
  • Drilling and workover options
  • Oil storage in hull
  • Conventional installation methods (quayside/float over)
  • Can be re-deployed for several field applications

Moss Semi FPU

Semi-submersible FPU

Moss semi-submersible FPUs are focusing on simple and efficient solutions. The hull design provides superior motion behavior in the harshest deep water environments which enable the semi-submersible to be suitable for SCRs.

The Moss Light Semi FPU is a small and light semi-submersible unit with a flat main deck configuration. This allows for simple installation of skids and standard equipment packages on the flat deck. The Light Semi is a low cost production unit developed to meet the low oil price environment.

Moss Octopus

Axis-symmetrical FPSO

The Octopus axis-symmetrical FPSO is a proprietary octagon-shaped design which provides excellent deck load capacity compared to the weight of the hull. The hull is designed with a bilge keel and flared hull sides for improved motion behaviour.

The octagon-shaped hull consists of flat plates ensuring ease of fabrication. As the axis-symmetrical Octopus design is omni-directional it does not need to weathervane and does not require turrets or swivels. Without a turret, the unit is able to be powered from shore which may be a more efficient power source than onboard systems.


Ship-shaped FPSO

The Moss ship-shaped floating production hulls are the results from many years of design and fabrication experience for both ship and offshore units. The ship-shaped FPSO is designed with excellent load carrying capacity and is shaped for efficient functionality and good sea keeping performance with focus on harsh environments. 

The Moss Arctic FPSO is designed for Arctic operation in ice-infested waters and is provided with Ice breaking capabilities and a disconnectable riser and mooring system. The hull is designed for a service life of 50 years which enables the FPSO to stay on location in the harsh Arctic environment throughout the whole service period.

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Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSOs) are among the largest, most complicated facilities. Moss Maritime helps clients make the most of these assets with innovative yet efficient designs.

Moss has designed its own FPSO hulls and delivered engineering services to numerous FPSO projects, both new-built and conversion. The company's FPSO expertise includes all marine disciplines, such as hull design, structural analysis, mooring system design, offloading systems, marine hull systems, process utility systems, piping arrangements, safety and more.