Next generation green technology

Moss ECO™

Moss ECO product range consists of green and more environmental friendly technologies
with emphasis on increasing efficiency and reducing emissions for MODUs
to exceed tomorrow’s regulations and requirements set by owners and clients.

Moss ECO Drive™

  • Battery and capacitor bank serving topside and drilling loads
  • Peak shaving and spinning reserve
  • Station keeping during total blackout (DP operation)
  • Reducing emissions and fuel consumption
  • Reducing maintenance
  • Increasing safety and redundancy

Moss ECO Green™

  • Exhaust system with SCR’s (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to meet IMOTier III with reduced NOx
  • Waste heat recovery systems to improve energy efficiency
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Efficient pontoon and bracing design for reduced fuel consumption in transit


  • Great reduction in CO2, NOx, SOx and particulates
  • IMO Tier III compliant without SCR's
  • Dual Fuel system, seamless change from MDO to gas fuel
  • Bunkering from dedicated LNG Delivery Supply Vessel
  • Approx. 15 days endurance on LNG + 50 days on MDO (30 % load on DG)
  • Reduced maintenance on generators and aux machinery

The Moss EcoDrive™ power plant concept combines operation with normally closed bus-tie breakers between main switchboards and batteries to optimize the operation profile. The concept allows reduction of total installed power and operation can be performed with reduced no. of generators running at any given point. In addition the engines can be run at higher load with better efficiency. The fuel consumption will be reduced accordingly (up to 20%).

TFurther, the new generation of drilling packages, both with hydraulic and electric hoisting machinery, focuses on energy optimization utilizing the possibility to regenerate power from the unit’s heave motion and tripping-in operations and use of different types of Energy Storage System (capacitors, accumulators, fly-wheel). Thus the power demand from the drilling package can be reduced significantly.

The Moss EcoGreen™ concept focuses on discharges and emissions from the drilling unit and heat recovery. Latest “state-of-the-art” cleaning technology for cleaning of exhaust gases from diesel generators is specified to reduce the NOx content in the exhaust gas to be compliant with IMO’s Tier III with regard to emissions. This typically assumes systems based on SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to be installed for each diesel engine installed. Further, hot water heaters are installed in the exhaust system to recover heat which can be used for general heating purposes.

Drain systems are provide to collect all drains with potential contaminated drains in dedicated drain tanks for cleaning to less than 5 ppm before discharge to sea.

The Moss EcoLNG™ concept is utilizing dual fuel (LNG/MDO) engines for power generation. The concept assumes sufficient space and deck load capacity to support a dual fuel power plant. Hence, the concept would typically not be feasible for a weight sensitive unit as a semi, but the concept has a potential use for a future generation of drill ships. The concept further assumes LNG fuel supply by dedicated supply vessels and transfer system. Moss has developed the conceptual design for a LNG supply vessel for this service.