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Offshore services

From one of a kind projects to the world's first pure dynamic positioning drilling semi-submersible, Moss Maritime has brought creative solutions to offshore platforms built for the oil and gas industry.

Designing for flexibility with moss


The Moss CS-series of semi-submersible catamaran platforms has established itself over the last 20 years as one of the most successful and widely-used platform designs.

Their success is based on their design to meet a large variety of requirements. The structural layout of the lower hull allows alternative configurations of the deck arrangements and installations. This flexibility makes the CS-series ideal for applications other than drilling, such as well service, or as special purpose platforms such as the SDX-1 radar platform used by U.S Department of Defense.

Ranging in size from only 25,000 tons displacement up to 75,000 tons, the CS-series platforms are rugged and long-lived with excellent motion characteristics. Field proven in the harshest of environments, they guarantee a long life with outstanding performance.


The CS50 is our most popular semi. It is valued for its low weight compared to the high amount of deck load, which is ideal for platforms operating in ultra-deep water and harsh environments. The platform can be delivered in both dynamic positioning (DP) and regular anchor moored state. It accommodates dual activity and high capacity drilling systems. A special “non-harsh” version of the CS50 has also been developed for optimal performance for milder environments while still maintaining the proven characteristics and features of the CS50.

MOSS CS30 & CS40

Developed with lighter equipment, the smaller CS30 and CS40 perform in shallow to medium-deep water either anchor-moored or as DP platforms

MOSS CS60 & CS70

The CS60 and CS70 are the high end platforms used for operations in areas which are difficult to reach, and the supplies and equipment needs to be onboard for a long period of time.


Moss Maritime has made a large effort to develop the “Rig for the Future” based on our proven CS-series. New contract regime from the oil companies puts more cost responsibility on the drilling contractors which again will result in a changed focus on reduction of the operation cost (OPEX).

The “Rig-for-the Future” is implementing latest generation equipment and state-of-the-art technologies for digitalization and automatization to increase efficiency of operations where the intention over time is to reduce number of crew personnel onboard. Further, maintenance is intended to be condition based rather than calendar based using a digital platform for assembling performance data of critical equipment.

The MOSS ECO™ comprises the latest available technologies with regard to energy efficiency and discharge/ emissions:

  • Moss EcoDrive™
  • Moss EcoGreen™
  • Moss EcoLNG™
Mastering the seas with Moss


For over 35 years Moss Maritime has developed a variety of support and service vessels for the oil and gas industry. Our product line includes anchor handling/tug/ supply (AHTS) vessels, platform supply vessels (PSV), well intervention vessels, diving support vessels, oceanographic research vessels, cable layers, and pipe layers.

For development of the Arctic offshore (e.g., Beaufort Sea, Barents Sea, Sakhalin) Moss Maritime developed the 800 series (808, 818, 828) of specialized ice-breaking offshore support vessels, including both anchor handling and supply functions, as well as facilities for oil recovery, ice escort, diving and rescue operations.

Moss Maritime is independent from any equipment suppliers and can therefore offer to tailor make the design based on the customer’s selection of equipment.

Today more than 85 different vessels of Moss design have been built or are under construction.